How Did Napoleon Bonaparte Win Robbespierre

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Napoleon Bonaparte was the Emperor of France and before that a great General. Napoleon was born in Ajaccio, Corsica, France on August sixteenth seventeen sixty nine. His first educational enrollment was in the French college d'Autun. Though, he did not like the life he had there, he enrolled in the military college of Brienne. Napoleon studied there for five years before moving on to the military academy in Paris. Napoleons father died while he was enlisted in the military academy in Paris. This forced Napoleon to become the head of the family. Graduating early from the military academy, Napoleon, was now the second lieutenant of artillery, returned to Corsica in 1786. Back home Napoleon joined the Corsican resistance to the French occupation,…show more content…
Once the revolution was over ending in the death of King Louie the XVI, Maximilien Robbespierre came to power. Robbespierre eventually became the dictator of France. He executed over 4,000 people with a Guillotine leading to the Reign of Terror. The years of 1793 and 1794 about 40,000 people were killed. Eventually, Robbespierre was executed by his own method of execution. Due to all that Napoleon had done for his country by defending it, he was elected ruler of France on the one condition he did not take the title of king. In 1796, Napoleon took charge of the Army of Italy, a position he had waned. The army, had 30,000 soldiers that were strong and ready for battle. He was soon turned around by the young military commander. Under his direction the rebuilt army won numerous important victories against the Austrians, which greatly expanded the French empire and helped make Napoleon the military's best general. His national profile was enhanced by his marriage Josephine de Beauharnais, who was the widow of General Alexandre de Beauharnais who was guillotined during the Reign of Terror and the mother of two children. The two were married in a civil ceremony on March nine seventeen seventy…show more content…
After a three year peace treaty with Britain he waged war on them once again. Very soon after that he waged war on Russia and Austria as well. Napoleon was crushed in a naval battle against England. This set Napoleons eyes on a newer plan to attack Austria before England. He crushes the Austrian military and makes them convert to his nationalist beliefs. He soon made changed in his personal life, he divorced his wife for not being able to give him a son. He soon married Marie-Louise in 1810. Marie was the 18 year old daughter of the Austrian emperor. Napoleon then had a son named Napoleon II nicknamed the King of Rome. Napoleon then went for Russia trying to attack Moscow; the Russians used a tactic called Scorched Earth. The Russians burned everything on the road to Moscow and half of Moscow leaving Napoleons men to starve and freeze to death in the harsh winter. With Napoleons prize of Moscow being burned he left Russia only to be followed, have most of his men killed, and soon losing all his territories. Napoleon exiled himself and stepped down from power. He returned from a short time losing a battle against Britain he steps down again. He later died of stomach ulcers and cancer with a theory that he also had

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