Why Air Conditioning Is Important

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Why Air conditioning is Important Air conditioning is a part of our modern lifestyle. It is a requirement of the modern world but people need to use it in a way that it does not harm our environment. In his essay “The Case against Air Conditioning” Stan Cox described some adjustments in order to reduce the use of air conditioning. He explains some positive effects of reducing air conditioning by long vacations, closing businesses and government (Cox 344-46). However the adjustments he described are not possible. The world without air conditioning he imagines is unrealistic. Since air conditioning is essential, people need to find ways how to use it safely such as efficient buildings, electricity from natural sources, and AC that requires less electricity. AC creates a better environment by cleaning the air quality which results in better health and more productivity at work. Cox says that we need to reduce the use of air conditioning because it uses fuel to work and burning fuel results in pollution (Cox 344). Air conditioning is one of those technologies which cause global warming due to adding green house gases in the environment. But Cox neglects the benefits of having air conditioning. For instance, AC not only helps to maintain room temperature, but it also removes extra moisture from the air. (“AC also helps to clean the air by removing dust particles in the air”). In this way AC improves air quality and makes comfortable work conditions which result in better health. Moreover, the doors and windows of air conditioned rooms are closed, so outside noise does not enter the room. This kind of quietness gives better sleep and maintains peace in hospitals and theaters. Most of the businesses cannot run without AC because it is the requirement of modern businesses. He imagines a world without air conditioning. In the world he imagines, “Three-digit temperatures
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