Who Is The Tragic Hero In The Crucible

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In Salem, Massachusetts a group of Puritan girls goes dancing in the forest with a slave named Tituba. While dancing the minister, Reverend Parris catches them. When they realize they have all been caught they scatter. After the girls are caught dancing all Hell breaks out in Salem, and truth is revealed. This whole incident leads into who is the tragic hero in this play, Reverend Hale or John Proctor? John Proctor, married to Elizabeth Proctor has an affair with a young girl by the name of Abigail Williams. Reverend Hale is called in on a case to solve the witch trials and try to find the Devil in Salem and destroy him! I know who looks like the hero in this play, but we can never be too sure. In my opinion it’s the other way around and…show more content…
Reverend Hale is just a sitting duck. He witnesses all the occurrences hangings and accusations. He believes that the citizens of the village hang innocent, but he never does anything about it. He as a reverend asks John to lie, to commit a sin to save his life. When he could just simply stand up for what he believes in like John does. Reverend Hale believes the girls are liars but never tries to prove it or put an end to the trials. That is why he isn’t this stories tragic hero. When at the same time John risks everything to tell the truth, yes what John did with Abigail was adultery, which is in the Ten Commandments. But God does believe in forgiveness of your sins and his truth was his forgiveness. The story made a point to show us John had changed, from committing adultery to a good Christian man. He died for the lord, his wife, his children, his name, and his innocent friends. After committing his sin he could not commit another one by giving a false confession. He died at the end of the play with his glory, pride, name, and his loved ones. We should all learn from this that, no life is greater than what God has planned for us. If we live our life right, God has a better plan for us on the other side. That is why John Proctor is the tragic hero of the
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