Character Analysis Of Reverend Hale In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible The Crucible takes place in Boston, Massachusetts in 1962. This play is about a teenager named Abigail who is obsessed with a man named John Proctor. Abigail accuses Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctor’s wife of witchcraft but everything takes a turn for the worst. Her little game ends up killing many innocent people just to satisfy herself. In doing an epidemic broke out of witchcraft. The character that evolved the most during the course of the play was Reverend John Hale of Beverly. Reverend Hale was a man that came from a high class in Beverly. He has gone to Salem on his own will. Page 63 act two. When he arrives, Proctor asks him "Business of the court?" and Hale replies "No, I come of my own will, without the courts authority." Hale suspects Elizabeth of witchcraft because Proctor has spoken to Hale about him seeing Elizabeth reading books in the dark at night, but is unsure. He believes that witches do exist, but doesn’t accuse anyone until he is certain. Hale is determined to find the witch or witches…show more content…
He feels like he’s failed because he cannot prove that the condemned are innocent. The only thing he could do to help them is to convince them to sin. He tries to convince Proctor and the others to lie and say that they’ve seen and talked with the devil himself in order to save their lives. In the end he couldn’t force Proctor to lie which hurt Hale deeply. The day of the hanging of Proctor had come and Hale tries one last time. Page 145 act four. He pleads to Elizabeth "Go to him, take his shame away!", but that still couldn’t

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