Themes in the Scarlet Letter: Justice and Judgment

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“Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” (Matthews 7:1-2) According to the bible judging is not left up to people, only GOD can judge and he made no one perfect so no one should talk about other people’s flaws. Life would be different if the people in the world lived by the bible. In the novel the “Scarlet Letter”, the themes Justice and Judgment are the ones that stand out the most because the main character, Hester Prynne, was judged because of her adultery and justice wasn’t served in her defense. People judge others everyday instead of worrying about their own problems because no one is perfect. In the novel the “Scarlet Letter”, Hester Prynne was judged by the citizens in the community because of her sin, adultery. A sin is a sin which means no sin is bigger than the other so the citizens shouldn’t have judged her based on her sin because they felt that it was a horrible sin. Everyone has committed a sin that might have been smaller than adultery but it doesn’t matter because no one has the right to judge someone, only GOD does. The sins that the citizens in the community committed might not have been horrible but no one judged them like they judged and humiliated Hester. When someone is disliked by majority of the people their side of the situation doesn’t matter and justice is never served correctly. Hester Prynne’s adultery was wrong but the punishment wasn’t fair. She was forced to wear the red letter A that stood for adultery, which in the religious community was a sin and a crime. Hester slept with the preacher in the town, and became pregnant, and because no unmarried man came forward, they assumed that she slept with a married man. The town believed her punishment should be to wear the letter A as a sign of her sin, which made her an
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