‘Criminals Should Be Treated the Same as Everyone Else’ E Question

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I disagree with this quote because I think that a criminal is someone who has broke the law and committed a crime, which I believe is a very wrong thing to do. However I also think that depending on the seriousness of the crime, each criminal should be treated according to that. This is because I don’t think that a shoplifter should be given the same treatment as a murderer because this would not be fair on each criminal. Some Christians may agree with this quote as they may believe that everyone is equal. This is because they believe that God created every person the same and we should keep it that way, no matter what crime they have committed, otherwise we could be seen as disobeying God’s wishes. Some Christians may disagree with this quote as they may believe that if someone has not treated society in the correct way they should be treated differently to everyone else. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do to you.’ (Luke- New Testament) This means that you should treat everyone else as you would like to be treated. Therefore some Christians may say that because most criminals have not treated others well they have not followed the Bible and gone against God, meaning they should not be treated the same as everyone else. 
 Other Christians, like Quakers, may agree with this quote as they believe that everyone has equal rights and no one is the leader, this is because God created everyone the same. ‘Love thy neighbour’ (New Testament) This means that you should love everyone as a friend, this creates peace amongst society. Therefore all criminals should not be treated differently, this is because by doing so it shows they are cared for and creates peace and harmony throughout everyone. Other Christians may disagree with this quote but only for people who have ended another person’s life, this is because they think that God made life precious and we should
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