How Do Some Christians Might Agree With Fertility Treatment

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RS REVISION 1. Artificial insemination via husband 2. Religious believers might agree with fertility treatment because some believe that the science of fertility treatment was a gift from god they also believe that it is good because it gives couples a child 3. I believe that religious believers should support medical experiments on humans because all life is sacred and I could save many lives. However many Christians may disagree because many experiments must be taken out on a foetus and thus is morally wrong 4. Many Christians believe in the quality of life and how being given a limb can increase how fulfilling and enjoyable one’s life could be. They also would support it because it would be giving someone a gift after someone has died.…show more content…
I believe that they should not improve prison conditions, rather make them worse because I believe that with the current prison conditions – TV’s, games consoles – in their cells then this is not really a punishment, but a second home; often better than their original living conditions. If they made the living conditions worse than this would incidentally reduce crime because people would be much more reluctant to break the law because or horrible prisons 4. Most Christians believe that the death penalty is not a good punishment because they believe that you should always try and forgive those that have done wrong and be accepting. They also believe that all ‘good conquers evil’ and so the crimes can be forgiven. However some Christians may disagree because some believe that ‘a man reaps what he sows’; and so they should get what they gave out and suffer the dire consequences 5. Many Christians believe that ‘good conquers all evil’ and so if the young offenders are helped and give back to the community then they would believe that they should be helped. They also believe that you should ‘love thy neighbour’ no matter what their circumstance, they should treat them as they would like to be treated. On the other hand, some atheists may say that punishment provides deterrence and provides protection in society from those who are

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