Comparison Of Moby Dick And Ministers Black Veil

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English Symbolism The symbolism in Moby Dick and “The Minister’s Black Veil” is that of revenge and secret. Ahab, the captain of the ship that is chasing Moby Dick is seeking revenge because Moby Dick bit his leg off. The Minister’s Black Veil, is a story of secret because the ministers actions he is displaying are not those that are supposed to be shown by a minister. Ahab, the captain of the ship in Moby Dick shows blasphemy in two different forms. Ahab sees himself equal with God and he rejects God for an alliance with the devil. Ahab does not believe himself to be powerful but he aligns himself with the devil during his quest. Ahab believes that the ship can carry him further into regions that God does not reign over. Ahab’s quest for Moby Dick is an act of defiance towards God. Mr. Hooper, the minister in The Black Veil is a man of secret sin and darkness. Hooper could represent secret sin within his heart or specific sin which could be adultery. The congregation of the church was surprised to see the minister with the black veil on that covered his face. Though they never saw the minister’s actions change, the way people reacted to him did, even his love Elizabeth’s actions. People were afraid and intimidated by the veil that the minister wore and believed it hid some secret sin and reminded them of their own transgressions, which should never happen with the minister. In Moby Dick and The Ministers Black Veil the whale and the veil stood for bigger ideas. The Veil stood for the wrong doings of mankind. The whale stood for the explanation of how God prevails over all. The minister committed adultery and tried to hide it from the town’s people with the veil. Ahab committed the biggest crime of all, turning his back to God. At the end of both stories the minister and Ahab end up losing their

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