What Is Job'S Problem And What Is God'S Response?

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What is Job’s Problem and what is God’s Response? The Book of Job is the work of a gifted poet, who examines the problem of a just God allowing suffering to the innocent. The book discussed the life of an honest, hard-working individual named Job, whose integrity is intensely tested by God through Satan. This book challenges the millennia-old belief that “goodness is rewarded with material prosperity while wickedness is punished with temporal suffering” (p.510). Although Job is described by Satan as “You will find no one like him on earth, a man of blameless and upright life, who fears God and sets his face against wrongdoing.” (p.511), he is still reluctant to believe that Job will remain sinless “in the face of disaster”, and suggests they eradicate his material possessions, including his children, to test his faith. Through a great amount of self control and confidence in God, Job remains calm and sin-free. Satan then manipulates God into allowing another set of tests in which Job himself is physically harmed by ragingly painful sores, but once again Job maintained strong and faithful, without cursing once. The book then centers on Job’s interpretation of God’s actions. He curses the day of his birth as well as the night of his conception, stating “Why is life given to those who find it so bitter?” (p.512). Although Job announces some controversial questions, his faith continues to insist that God does know what is best for humans, he simply wants to know and understand God’s agenda, as asked “Why should the sufferer be born to see the light?”. Job had great confidence concerning his goodness, though challenged by his friends as they ignorantly assume that one only suffers if he has committed sin. More specifically, Eliphaz further claims that every human commits sin in God’s perspective, “Can a human being be righteous before God, a mere mortal pure before

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