Julius Caesar and Inherit the Wind

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"You are a school teacher, you know how easy it is to mould minds for good or twist them for evil”. Representations allow a composer to present ways of seeing the world. Everyone sees the world differently and has a different opinion, creating conflicting perspectives. Conflict arises when people do not respect others perspectives. The film Inherit the wind directed by Stanley Kramer reflects this, as there are many external conflicts present in the film. Three of importance are the conflict between the teachings of the Bible and Darwin’s theory of evolution which leads to the conflict that exists in American society between evolutionism and creationism, and finally the geographical conflict between areas of America. Inherit the wind is a serious film as the composer is criticising American Society. Kramer’s representation of American society shows the conflict between evolutionism and creationism. He uses the conflict between Brady and Drummond, the lawyers who represent both sides respectively, to convey the struggle for freedom and the need to respect differing opinions. As a defence lawyer shows, all opinions have value, "While we may not agree with your ideas, we respect your right to voice them". It can be seen how the director, Stanley Kramer, is on the side of evolutionism. This is evident as Kramer portrays the highly religious people from Hillsboro as unpleasant and narrow minded. Through the characterisation of the Reverend, his narrow mindedness can be seen when he says “lord, we ask the same curse for those who ask grace for this sinner”. Kramer is trying to show that even highly regarded religious figures can be blinded by faith and have double standards, which is evident when the Reverend disagrees with his daughter about differing opinions on religion. However, Kramer does not want to be seen as anti-religious “religion’s supposed to comfort
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