John Proctor Character Analysis Essay

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John Proctor, throughout the play, though a cool and levelheaded individual, did not fit with the creation of a new society within Salem and therefore, was forced to wither away with the rest of those bent on staying attached to a failing society. His views of the people who existed within Salem’s new society were often attacking and completely based on his own opinion. Such thinking, seeming to be logical and opinionated, was seen as heresy in Salem, giving people reasons to attack him verbally and psychologically. His personality, from which his views stemmed from, was straightforward, calculating, and honest. Yet honesty held no reign during his fall, as it did in his own sociological prime. Thus, his own demise was simply from his own persona unfitting for the changes in Salem. As an individual, John Proctor did not…show more content…
Puritan by nature, he followed a moral code of life well intertwined within the Ten Commandments. Though he was religious, proctor was not without his faults, one being his expressed distaste toward those who did not follow his own law, such as reverend Parris. His distrust and hate toward reverend parris stems from his own idea that such a man could simply not be a holy one. His mood toward Parris came from such actions like the preaching toward golden candles, and how Parris was a self absorbed minister, and the third minister in the town in 7 years. “There is either obedience or the church will burn like Hell is burning!” (pg 30) Parris tried to defend himself with such passionate and heartfelt comments but Proctor would have none of it. To him Parris was not in his society. Also, his relationship with Abigail Williams was a strained one, plagued with affair, scandal, and betrayal. He did love her, but soon after seeing what she truly was he resented his connection to her and, like what his old true nature told him, he confessed, causing a resent to appear within the town that never gave him his old trust
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