Role Of Creon A Tragic Hero In Antigone

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IS “ANTIGONE” A SHAKESPEAREAN TRADEGY? Irresponsible. Careless. Untruthful. All simple, but major character flaws that can seriously affect one’s life. But what about tragic flaws? A tragic flaw is a character flaw so sensitive that it eventually results in a very unfortunate fate. “Antigone” is a Shakespearean Tragedy due to the tragic hero’s tragic flaw of ignorance that causes blind actions, which leads to unnecessary deaths, and finally an epic downfall. Creon, the tragic hero, performs actions with a very clouded judgment. Haimon and Therieseis notice his foolishness early on and attempt to correct him but he refuses to admit his faults. Because Creon became king for his blood and not ability, he has no sense of how a king is suppose…show more content…
The first to commit suicide is Antigone shortly after she is thrown in an entrapment of stones and boulders. As soon as this fatal news reaches Haimons’s ears, he also kills himself. As if that wasn’t bad enough, even Queen Eurydice commits suicide in suffocating grief of her son’s death. In punishment of not facing his mistakes, Creon lost son, his Queen, and all respect from his people. These loses know how to bring great regret and guilt to Creon. Creon suddenly experiences his horrible anagorisis. He realizes that had he only listened to Haimon, Theriesies, or Charagos sooner, the people closest to him would not have left him. Although his hubris once maintained fear in his people, it eventually results in a significant loss of respect. In this unimaginable position of sorrow there is nothing Creon can do to fix anything at all. Creon’s major flaw of stubbornness leads to pointless actions, which causes a series of suicides, and finally a tragic downfall. The tragic hero’s regrettable path and destination of sorrow without a doubt prove Antigone to be a Shakespearean Tragedy. But the fact that Creon displayed inability by refusing to face his mistakes and in return received true inability that forever disables him from escaping his guilt and ever becoming the king he once aspired to

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