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In the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, Oedipus character is a perfect example of the classic tragic hero. According to Aristotle's definition, Oedipus is a tragic hero because he comes from a family with royal blood, he has a tragic flaw which is the main factor to his downfall and his life is completely changed when he learns his fate. Oedipus is neither completely good nor evil; he is merely a man who is blinded by his pride, and arrogance to realize the situations he is in. Overall, Oedipus displays many characteristics that label him a tragic hero, but it is his mere thought-less actions that lead to this label. Oedipus, like many men, has his flaws. His tragic flaw is what makes him a tragic hero and what leads to his downfall. From his rashness to overbearing pride, Oedipus is not perfect. And it is these flaws that bring his expected descend from glory, not destiny nor fate. It wasn’t fate that caused him to kill Laius, or took him down the path to Thebes, or even to leave his home land with no prior plan to go anywhere, it was his rashness and pride that caused him to act out on anger and little thinking. Throughout the play not only does Jocasta try to calm down Oedipus but so does the chorus in order to prevent Oedipus from doing something without thinking. Every bad decision and wrong turn Oedipus took was due, in part, his poorly thought out decisions and misguided actions, so the blame can be on no one but Oedipus himself for not using his head while making life changing decisions. Oedipus has many characteristics that categories him as a tragic hero. Oedipus was born into a wealthy family, being descends of Lauis and Jocasta; King and queen of Thabes. He than ascended to becoming the king of Thabes after solving the riddle from the Sphinx. His downfall was drastic, he went from being the King of Thabes to being banished from his land to

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