Explain How Far the Views in Source 2 Differ from Those in Source 1 in Relation to Charles’ Personality.

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Explain how far the views in Source 2 differ from those in Source 1 in relation to Charles’ personality. Charles was a different ruler compared to his father…Source 1 suggests that Charles was ‘cold, withdrawn and shifty’; similarly, source 2 also suggests that Charles was a ‘cold, formal figure’. Therefore, this suggests that Charles was not very confident and was shy which also led to him stuttering a lot. The stutter made it hard for Charles to communicate therefore making people think he was ‘withdrawn’. Source 2 also suggest that Charles ‘proceeded even when a policy was arousing great opposition’ which also agrees with Source 1 that suggests that Charles ‘saw no need to explain his action’ therefore suggesting that Chares lacked political judgement as he was very inflexible which many people around him found difficult to work with, ‘unworkable’ which led to a problem. Source 1 strongly emphasises that Charles’ elder brother James was ‘accomplished’ whereas Charles was ‘weak’; alternatively source 2 does not mention anything about James. Source 1 suggests that the reason for Charles’ poor communication skills may have been due to the fact that Charles was not brought up to be a ruler, James was. This therefore suggests that the reason Charles ‘failed to understand viewpoints’ may have been due to this fact which again proved to be a major problem in Charles’ personality. Source 1 also strongly emphasises the fact that Charles was ‘short’ and had a ‘stammer’ whereas Source 2 shows no knowledge of this. Charles being short led to him being shy as he had much insecurity which made led him to having a weak personality which caused a breakdown in relationship between crown and parliament. Overall, the views in Source 2 do not differ very much than compared to those in source
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