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Who I am Today I was brought up in a town by the name of Cerro Gordo. I met a lot of people which was easy because it's such a small town. I was in many sports and had plenty of friends. My teachers were great and my parents were very reliable. My coaches, teachers, friends, and parents made me who I am today. I started participating in sports as soon as I was able to. I played basketball, softball, dance, and cheerleading. As I got older these sports became very intense. There was a lot of responsibility and commitment. I had to be very organized to be able to continue participating in all these activities and keep up with my school work. My coaches were astonishing! They all worked together to help keep all students orderly so that we could take part in extra activities. I still use the organizational skills they taught me today. My teachers also played a big part in my growing up. I hated homework in school but the teachers kept giving it. It was due at a certain time and day so this also taught me responsibility. Who would've ever thought that doing your homework and turning it in on time would teach you anything when your in school. All I was thinking about was how fast I could get it done or if I could get out of doing it. Now I know how much responsibility it really taught me. I had all kinds of friends growing up. Some were reliable, some were organized, and some were not. As I got older and started going to high school I started to realize who I really needed to be hanging around with; the reliable and organized friends. I've always believed the saying "you are who you hang out with." My parents played a big part in who I became today also. They were always drilling into my head to be responsible, outgoing, independent, and frugal. Being frugal is the most important thing they taught me; especially these days. In conclusion, there are a lot of

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