Which Clean Gum Is for Your Dirty Mouth?

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Which Clean gum is for Your Dirty Mouth? You are in a nice restaurant. Your mouth chews on a fruity sensation. As you wait for your drinks you chew on the miracle rubber. The drinks arrive and you are thirsty. You take a sip of that refreshing lemonade. A wave of relief hits you. You start to chew on the miracle rubber again while waiting for your food but you feel like you are chewing on a rock. Which liquids make gum harden the most? To answer this question, one must understand what gum is and what it is made of. Physical changes in gum will help as well. What is gum? In laymen terms, gum is the substance people chew and chew for enjoyment. Scientifically, “Gum is any of many sticky substances that go through a process of dissolving the substance in water” (“Gum” 256). Gum can be made from different things but the main ingredients usually sap of some type. “In addition to the gum base (sap), chewing gum contains sweeteners, softeners, and flavorings” (Helmenstine 1). “Softeners are ingredients such as… vegetable oil that is used to blend the other ingredients and help prevent the gum from becoming… stiff” (Helmenstine 1). Softeners are the reasons why the gum we chew is soft. In order for the gum to be used it has to go through a process of dissolving in water. Mucilage, such as gum, is made when sticky substances are dissolved in water. What is gum made up of? “Gum was originally made of chicle. Some other gum bases include sorva and jelutong” (Helmenstine 1). All bases of gum are basically sap from a tree. Sorva and jelutong are natural gum bases. Other ingredients include sweeteners, softeners, and flavorings. “The flavor ingredients in chewing gums give them a long lasting, high intensity and high quality flavor” (Polanki 1). In order to have the taste in your gum, you need flavorings to give the taste. “To keep the chewing gum soft and flexible,

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