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Toothbrushes Manual vs. Electric Davon Bonelli Dr. Minton Manual and electric toothbrushes are two ways to brush your teeth. Debates and studies have compared both of the toothbrushes to find out which is more affective. Manual toothbrushes were the first designed and are still reliable today. The first manual toothbrush’s model was one size fits all. The bristles on the first brushes were hard and caused gum recession as well as gum abrasions. Later, brushes with flexible handles and softer bristles were made to confine to different needs. The softer bristles are better for the gums, but the harder bristles help to remove stubborn food particles. This gave manufactures the idea to use both types of bristles together. Now, brushes are made with soft bristles on the outside and harder ones on the inside. These duel action brushes make brushing easier and more efficient. President of the Canadian Dental Association, Dr. Robert MacGregor stated ‘’If you take time with a manual toothbrush it can work just as well as a powered one.” The first electric toothbrushes appeared more than 20 years ago. Electric or battery powered toothbrushes just from appearance seem better than their manual counterparts. Primarily due to the lack of effort used to brush using these toothbrushes. This is a trait that is very helpful to handicap people or people with arthritis. It accentual to change brushes every three or four months. Motorized toothbrushes often come with changeable heads to make changing brushes easier. According to Peter Robinson of Sheffield University, “electric brushes reduced plaque by 11% over manual brushes.” Also, they reduced signs of gingivitis or gum inflammation by 6%. Peter Robinson and his colleagues conducted 42 studies that included 3,855 participants (Roberson, 2005). Some of the similarities between manual and electric brushes are with the

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