When Forever Ends

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Marriage and love are terms used much more loosely now than in previous years. To many teenagers, marriage is purely about love. To an adult marriage, it is about commitment. It is about staying in love and staying together “forever”. Marriage is easy and in todays lifestyle, two people can get married nearly anytime they would like. The challenge of marriage is making it work for forever. Many teenagers get married under the ideas that since they love each other, a marriage is just another step forward in their relationship and will be easy. They never fully think through all of the struggles and hardships they are promising to stay through with their partner. When these hardships arise, the easiest thing is not to work through the problems, but instead to give up and take the easy way out. According to “Teenage Couples: Caring, Change, and Commitment", by Jeanne Warren Lindsay, more than sixty percent of teenage marriages fail within the first five years. The question is, why do teenage marriages tend to fail? In all marriages there are problems, and the number one causes of divorces is financial problems. This is amplified in teenage marriages. Teenagers who decide to marry early most likely have not had the time to live on their own, secure a good paying job, or adjust to paying for their own needs and bills. Jumping into a marriage without gaining these important life experiences can cause problems with their partner and can put an immense amount of stress on a relationship. When teenagers get married, the realization of what they are doing does not set in until it is too late. Once you make an enternel bond with someone, you have to consider their needs, their wants, and compromise your own. If one or both spouces refuse to compromise, then the chances that the marriage will end increase significantly. Marriage depends on agreeing together and personal
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