Struggles Of Being a Single Mother

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Struggles of Being a Teen Mom Being a single parent at any age is a difficult task, but being a single mother while still being considered a baby yourself is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. Many people say that when young teens have a baby is that they are “babies having babies” because they themselves are still a child. Not only is it difficult to be a teen parent, but most teen parents end up being single parents. For many teenage girls, the day they tell their loved ones, such as their parents and boyfriend or father of the child, that they are pregnant can be a scary thing because they do not know for sure if they will remain in the picture and help her. Also, the father of the child may not stick around because he too is scared of the responsibility of raising a child, and his whole life is going to change if he decides to stay around. So the pregnant teen ends up becoming a single mother. According to Hanna B., approximately 10% of all births occur to teenage mothers worldwide. This “phenomenon” is of concern because teenage mothers are reported to be “disadvantaged financially, educationally, and cognitively” in both the short and long term span. Many teenage mothers find strength in their motherhood role but this does not come without cost to themselves or their children, as many teenagers are considered unsuitable to be parents and do not have the right support (B.). For this paper I have conducted two interviews and I have also done research on why it is harder to be a single mother as a teenager. Due to the financial, emotional and physical struggles that teenage single mother have, it is more difficult for them to raise children than single mothers who are older. According to , the United States has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and births in the “western industrialized world” (Teen Pregnancy Stats).
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