What Should the U.S Government Do About Immigration?

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United States is a nation of immigrants. Every year, millions of people enter the country and nearly one million people coming without authorization and overstay visas. The escalating number of undocumented immigrants comes into the country with the hope that their hard work and sacrifice will achieve a better life, yet they are breaking the law. Due to the influx flows of legal and illegal immigrants into the United States, it’s been the hot issue for every state that immigrants bring a huge impact to the nation and the lives of the Native American such as economic threats and jobs. The issue has been long debated enough, and people have demanded a change or a law, to crackdown for those responsible who disobeyed the law and allowing the unauthorized to stay and work in the country. Some states were already stepping in and made their own laws against illegal immigrants. The result, it brings a huge impact to agriculture industry losing millions of the dollars in the farm business. It’s been a battle for the U.S. government and all the states to look for resolutions in order to resolve the predicaments, but no action has been put into effect. Since, immigration system still dysfunctional, there are many problems with the immigration policy that the U.S. federal government should focus on. The U.S. government and the state's officials should collaborate to enact a law and enforcing to all the states. The U.S. government should enact a law that prevents unlawful immigrants to access such as jobs and other government benefits. They must track down employers who hired illegal immigrants because not all employers obey the law, especially in the farm industries. They should provide a system that assesses employers by using “the E-Verify system to check the immigration status of new hires” (Jacoby 1). With the brand-new system, it
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