Illegal Immigrants Impact

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Running head: IMPACT AND RIGHTS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Impact and Rights of Illegal Immigrants Axia College Impact and Rights of Illegal Immigrants The effects of the political and economic climate of North Texas communities are adversely effected by the ethical treatment and trafficking of illegal immigrants. Introduction: With the vast amount of construction in the North Texas area, the desire for local contractor to use the services of day labor is at a swift increase when the labor is completely undocumented immigrants for across many borders. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the illegal immigrants and where they live. It has even become a hotbed of political and social turmoil when the civil rights of the…show more content…
Many civic leaders believe that civil rights should be left to those who are natural or legalized citizens of the United States in order to expect these rights and have access to the goods and services of the community, local, state and federal government. Local detention facilities and even state and federal prisons have been charged with the housing of these people in limbo are being held. In Pearsall, Texas, at the heart of the debate is the Department of Homeland Security's policy of expedited removal to address the dramatic increase in the number of immigrants crossing illegally and are already in the legal system for having committed crimes in the U.S.; particularly those from countries other than Mexico. To immigration officials, South Texas Detention Center is simply a part of the nation's effort to efficiently detain illegal immigrants and house them pending deportation. On average, about 720 detainees flow through the Pearsall center daily for screening, though the number fluctuates with round-the-clock movement. On any given day, there are about 23,000 illegal immigrants nationwide in the 17 detention centers that fall under Homeland Security and are charged with returning these illegal…show more content…
The National Research Council, a branch of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, estimates the net fiscal cost of immigration ranges from $11 billion to $22 billion per year, with most government expenditures on immigrants coming from state and local coffers, while most taxes paid by immigrants go to the federal treasury. This is the result of the relatively low level of tax payments by immigrants, because they are disproportionately low-skilled and thus earn low wages, and a higher rate of consumption of government services, both because of their relative poverty and their higher

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