What Killed Dinosaurs

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What Killed the Dinosaurs? Off all the many questions related to dinosaurs their disappearance from the earth is the most mysterious of all. Their traces are even found on a few isolated oceanic islands such as Spitsbergen and North Island, New Zealand. Some dinosaur extinction theories postulate that dinosaurs died from the cold while others suggest that beasts died from the heat or else it was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. One theory hypothesis is that the climate became too wet while another that the climate dried out to kill off the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs could have starved to death or died from the over-heating. Scientists continue to add new causes for the extinction of the dinosaurs. Some of the recent mechanisms are: 1) cancer trigged by huge bursts of neutrinos released by dying stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. 2) AIDS. 3) Hyper canes, super hurricanes that could be trigged by meteorite impacts, causing environmental catastrophe. What is a dinosaur exactly? Dinosaurs are group of animals descended from reptiles. They are different from their reptile ancestors in that they have an S shaped neck and feet held directly beneath their bodies, and several other features. How many different kinds of dinosaurs were there? We know about 300 kinds now, half of those from a single tooth or bone. They are probably thousands of kinds of dinosaurs. Species occur in over 400 in general. There are many more species of plant –eating dinosaurs named than carnivores because carnivores were fewer in number. Where did dinosaurs live? Dinosaurs lived everywhere on earth, including the South Pole, which had no ice then. Do we have any living dinosaurs today, like the coelacanth or Komodo dragon? Those are living dinosaurs only in the sense of being ancient animals which are still alive, but none are actually dinosaurs. Komodo dragons grow to huge

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