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Dino ACROCANTHOSAURUS: (ak-ro-KANTH-o-sawr-us) "High-spined Lizard" (Greek akro- = high akantha = spine + sauros = lizard, refering to the spines on its vertebrae) A CARNOSAUR of Early Creataceous North America. This 40 foot (12m) meat-eating relative of ALLOSAURUS walked on two legs. It had a large head with sharp, sawlike TEETH. Projections up to 17 inches (43 cm) long grew on its vertebarae. These SPINES were probably embedded in a thick ridge of muscle. Acrocanthosaurus is the only known American dinosaur with such high spines. It is known from a skull and most of a skeleton found in Oklahoma and Texas. A recent flood in Texas uncovered some footprints that scientists think were made by Acrocanthosaurus. AcrocanthosaurusFOSSILS have been found in similar rock hearby. The three-toed footprintes were made by 15…show more content…
rex. This dinosaur looked like a smaller, less muscular version of Tyrannosaurus. As an early member of the tyrannosaur family, Albertosaurus was the final design for the large meat-eating dinosaurs. It only had two fingers on its hands, which were at the end of short arms. It had long legs and it a wide skull with lots of power in its bite. Albertosaurus is considered by many scientists to be the best known of the tyrannosaurs. A number of nearly complete skeletons, two adults and a juvenile, have been found. There are two recognized species and several in dispute. It is sometimes referenced as a transitory animal, a creature on its way to evolving into T. rex, but it appears that it was extremely successful and longer lived than the Tyrannosaurus

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