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Bald Eagles: Learning their Majesty The bald eagles many unique attributes proves its superiority, majesty and power. What truly catches our eyes about the eagle? The eagle is believed to have been here before European settlers first sailed to America's shores, bald eagles may have numbered half a million. They existed along the Atlantic from Labrador to the tip of south Florida, and along the Pacific from Baja California to Alaska. They inhabited every large river and concentration of lakes within North America. They nested in forty-five of the lower forty-eight states. One researcher estimated an eagle nest for every mile of shore along Chesapeake Bay. They congregated on the lower Hudson, and were extremely abundant along the coast…show more content…
Eagles are a member of the Accipitridae family, which includes hawks, kites, and old-world vultures. They can be divided into four major groups by physical characteristics and behavior: fish/sea, booted/true, snake/serpent, and giant forest. (Copyright 1999-2004 The eagle’s colors are the same male and female. They have a blackish-brown back and breast; a white head, neck and tail. Their bill and feet are yellow. Their feet are unfeathered, and equipped with large, sharp talons for penetrating and grasping prey. The bald eagle is the only large black bird with a white head in North America. The female eagle can be determined because she is slightly larger than the male. The female eagle weight range can be from 10 to 14 pounds and the weight for the male is 8 to 9 pounds. The size difference allows them to catch different sized prey. Their wing spans range from 72 to 90 inches (7 feet). Their height is 1m (3 feet). An adult Bald Eagle has over 7,000 feathers, but if you put all of them together they would weigh less than 21 ounces, or 30 feathers would weigh less then a penny. Not only are the feathers incredibly light, but they are also…show more content…
It’s been recorded that a researcher found a nest that weighed two tons. The many fascinating things about eagles are plentiful; they can fly to an altitude of 10, 000 feet and reach high speeds of 30 to 35 mph. Eagles soar above the storm clouds. The eagle can dive at speeds over 100 mph. I have also realized in my reading and researching that the eagle can actually swim. They use an overhand movement of the wings resembling what we would call the butterfly stroke. They are known for their excellent eyesight. “They have two centers of focus, which allows them to see ahead and peripherally. They can see a fish in water from several 100 feet above, all while still soaring and gliding in the flight. Eagle eyelids close during sleep. They use their inner eye to blinking. Every 3 seconds the inner eyelid slides across the eye like a windshield wiper. Even when the inner eye comes across they can still see through it. An eagle’s eye is slightly smaller than a human eye. Their vision is 4-8 times better than a person with 20/20

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