1 Kiloton v 1 Megaton

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The effects of a ten kiloton dropped on Eisenhower would be devastating to our home front. A mass fireball is formed on impact, and may vaporize everything within a one-third mile radius. A shockwave, following would carry five pounds of pressure per square inch and wind speeds up to 150 MPH. The pressure would be enough to crush a human ear drum, immediately. Next, would be radiation lasting up to three-fourths a mile and almost certainly fatal. Second degree burns are prompt around the outer mile radius from ground zero due to the fireball. In perspective, everything from Eisenhower to Lander, and back into Russell would be immediately affected. Secondary fires may also start due to the extreme amount of heat present and populated forests. Areas further out toward South Russell and Ackley would be affected by falling debris and radiation, also. The effects of a one megaton bomb would be enormous. It can eliminate everything within a four mile radius in seconds. All houses and buildings would be crushed, and human fatality rate is 100%. The impact of the bomb would leave a crater between 370 ft and 600 ft long and winds up to 180 MPH. A mushroom cloud would expand nearly 16 miles into the sky. A flash lasting approximately twenty-two seconds brightens the horizon fifty miles away. After the initial explosion, radiation would linger through the air for weeks. People within an outer ten mile radius would suffer from second degree burns due to the amount of radiation, also leading to many fatalities. A megaton bomb dropped directly upon Pittsburg would not have a major impact on my current location. It would, however, eliminate Pittsburg and the south western corner of Pennsylvania; parts of Ohio and Maryland. All bombs would have an effect on post-weather because of the amount of disturbed and contaminated debris affected by the explosion. Some scientists agree

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