What It Means To Be A Mentor

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Being a mentor is one thing, but having that mentor be a true friend that you can count on is another. Kayla and I share everything with eachother. Never once have I ever second guessed her as my friend. It's really nice to be able to vent to somebody, and know that they will listen to every word. That is what it means to be a mentor. That is why I picked my best friend, Kayla, for this essay. Kayla and I met toward the beginning of our eighth grade year together. When i first met her, I thought of her as the hypocritical type of person that always had something negitive to say about somebody. I never thought in a million years that her and I would become as close as sisters. I tell her everything from the littlest thing that…show more content…
She quickly responded, "Well, I'm not too sure. I kind of live my life day by day, so I don't really have a plan of what's going to happen. It's kind of like whatever happens, happens for a reason." As the interview proceeded, I asked her many questions. About her past relationships, what kind of thins she likes to do, and how she has changed her life to become a better person. "When I was about 12, I took my first hit of marijuana with my friends, well, so called friends. I did it numerous times after that also. Then I decided that it was doing absolutely nothing good for me, so I decided to change. I went to counseling, went to groups to talk with individuals that had the same problems as I did, and how to fix it." she responded, when I asked her how she has changed her life. Kayla and I have been through so much together; the good and the bad. She has taught me so much. I think we were meant to be best friends. It's always good to have a mentor in your life that teaches and experiences things with you that nobody else can. This is why I picked Kayla as my mentor. Hopefully we stay best friends for the rest of our

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