What Is a Role Model?

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Assessment 3 – Projects A good role model is a person others look up to and admire. They display certain qualities and behaviours to emulate, to learn from and to pass onto others. Qualities of a good role model in the workplace is respect of others, dedication to their job; illustrated by their hard work and achievements, listening to people without judgement, providing credit to others where it is due, provides a positive and encouraging work environment, uses logical and rational thought when decision making and allows others to provide their viewpoint. To be a good role model in the workplace to the employees I manage I can firstly adopt the attitude of leading by example; by doing this I will gain respect I require from my employees. Secondly, I need to be aware of my behaviour and its impact on others. I also need to project positive energy to the work environment and constantly provide encouragement to staff. To be a good role model means I have to be diplomatic and treat everyone the same; there can be no prejudices or preferences for people. It is important for me to respect people and their viewpoints, always listen to people and make people feel valued and lastly always act with integrity and professionalism. To be an effective leader requires certain traits that are either inherent to a person or can be learnt. The traits that make an effective leader first begin with respect; a leader will treat all people with respect. A leader inspires action and creativity, is always honest and confident and communicates with all employees from the top of the organisations to the bottom. I believe I possess the traits of an effective leader as I stand up for what I believe in. I try to in vision the future and use my confidence and competitive personality to allow colleagues and friends to trust my instincts. In my previous employment I was able to use my
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