What Extent Was John D Rockefeller Robber Baron Or Captain Of Industry

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JDR- Business Technique. Much as one might like to see John D. Rockefeller as the arch capitalist crushing competitors as he gained monopolistic power, it's not so (at least according to the biography I read). He did indeed control much of the oil in the United States but he was fair in the prices he offered competitors he wanted to buy out and he was modest in his personal expenses and generous in his charitable contributions all his life. How he gain control He was able to price his product so low that competitors couldn't compete. They would then go out of business and/or sell to JDR. Then JDR would jack his prices back up. JDR also got control in the railroads so that you couldn't afford the transportation cost, where as JDR was getting a discount. JDR used lots of leverage in gaining his monopoly over oil. Tactics today would be criminal and stopped dead with lawsuits. But back in the golden era of American Business, the government didn't regulate anything and business ran wild.…show more content…
Rockefeller Robber Barron or Captian of Industry? Rockefeller had to be ruthless in order to get what he got. However, he did have tremendous influence over the American business world of his time. I would have to say that he was both robber baron and captain of

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