Essay On Corporate America

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Once upon a time in America government was greater than Big Business. Uncle Sam looked at “Ma Bell” and said, “You are too big and powerful”, and broke her up into tiny pieces. They had done this before with great success. America believed in capitalism but not in monopolies. America had a tendency to fight for the little guy and many advances were made toward helping the little guy keep from being run over by corporations and the so-called “robber barons” of big business. Today however both major political parties seem to be at the disposal of “Corporate America”. Our country has gone through cycles. During the industrial revolution, we were unable to foresee many of the things corporations would do to get ahead and make money. We recognized the hazards that come with total capitalism and enacted plans to fix them. Unions organized, anti-trust laws were enacted, various industries were regulated and America prospered. Then things changed our government started bending to the will of big business. It bailed them out of financial crisis. It gave them insignificant punishments for violations of regulations. It let the corporations do what they want to without any repercussions. Many people claim that the republicans are the tools of “Corporate America”. This could not be farther from the truth. Many…show more content…
There is a big difference between bailing out banks and bailing out the auto industry. We bail out banks to prevent a future financial crisis. Why do we bail out the auto industry? It is apparently to prevent corporate salaries from going away. The failure of our car companies would not be a national disaster as Chrysler is already foreign owned. Our government has fallen under the sway of corporate America and nthere is little we can do about
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