What Efforts Is Daum Making to Expand Globally

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1. What efforts is Daum making to expand globally? In what countries does it maintain a presence? Daum, being the leader in the internet services have business expansion plans and vision to be the undefeatable No.1 much like YouTube in the United States. This vision saw them acquiring businesses such as Lycos for their business expansions and deploying Advanced Enterprise Management Platform based on Oracle’s E-Business Suite to help expand its business globally. Daum’s adoption of Oracle’s E-Business Suite on Linux’s platform ensures seamless integrations among the business modules like Finance, Human Resource and Payroll. Currently, they maintain presence in United States, Japan and China besides their own origin country, South Korea. 2. Why was Oracle a good fit for Daum? There are THREE (3) primary reasons why Oracle was a best fit for Daum : i. Prior to deploying Oracle’s Enterprise Management System, Daum was utilizing disparate range of software packages to manage each area of the business. The problem with such standalone software’s are that the data would be scattered in various systems and may be inaccessible when needed. By Using Oracle’s E-Business Suite, the data’s in all these systems are consolidated and integrated into one single module, resulting in easier, quick and accurate (real time) data retrieval. By having an integrated system all the work process and streamlined and simplified, allowing Daum to see reduction in work processes between 50-87% ii. Over 95% of Daum’s online internet services were already running on Linux, a low cost platform that Oracle is compatible with. Therefore, Daum was able to reduce the hardware purchasing and installation cost by about 1/10th to the cost they would be incurring should they selected any other ERP system besides Oracle. iii. In a fast and dynamic world of

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