Hrm 531 Week 2 Reaction Paper

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Denise Newsom Week 3 DQ March 18, 2013 • Flash® is a popular tool to enhance site interactivity. Examine Flash® SEO. Provide recommendations for how to integrate Flash® into a website effectively. Under what circumstances would you use Flash® over an HTML editor? Here are a few recommendations for integrating Flash into a website effectively: 1. Create the navigation in HTML/CSS with real HTML URLs for each page (unlike in Flash where the whole website is on one page). Have all the text in HTML/CSS on all pages (not within Flash files). 2. Place all the cool looking animations in Flash strategically throughout the HTML website so that it is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the site. Thus, instead of the whole website in one Flash file, you will have several Flash animations…show more content…
This is achieved through asynchronous HTTP calls to the server and dynamic updates of the HTML DOM. The asynchronicity allows this to happen without the user being blocked from using the web page. It cuts down on traffic because typically less data is moved around during an AJAX call since you are not updating the entire page, just a portion of it. • Based on the Keston (2008) article, do you believe that mashups will completely replace the creation of HTML web pages from scratch? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using mashups? There are still too many practical purposes for creating HTML from scratch for this to be phased out of existence completely. Not all websites or web-based applications can be bottled up within the limits of a particular API. Pre-defined API’s such as that which Google offers are flexible, but just not flexible enough to fit the needs and goals of all developers. Advantages of Mashups 1. Mashups allow for the reuse of existing applications. 2. They also allow for rapid application

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