What Causes Conflicts?

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What cause conflicts? Life causes conflicts simply because bringing people together of different views and personalities will sooner or later turn into conflict. In our unit genocide, it involved life, the taking of life. In our unit environmental conflicts, it involved life, how to better life or make it worse. In our unit rebellion and revolution, it involved life, the changing of life traditions. Life is the most broad but simple cause of conflict. Life caused conflict in our genocide unit, by life I mean people. People involved in genocides had been living amongst each other for sometime before the actual genocide happened. The people involved had different views, which gave room for conflicts to arise. They had dealt with their differences peacefully at first but then more outspoken, radical people came into play. For example the Armenian genocide, Armenians and Turks had been amongst each other for a while but then views began to change. Turks wanted to expand their nation but Armenians didn’t believe in their method, so they went against it. A typical example of conflict caused by life, by people. Life caused conflict in our environmental unit, by life I mean people. People cause conflicts in our environment by using up all our natural resources and turning everything into a science experiment. For example the Three Gorges Dam is a conflict in our environmental unit caused by life, by people. This dam will generate 18,000 megawatts of power 8 times the amount of the U.S.’s Hoover Dam. Even though it generates enough power to power 1/3 of China, it may be triggering landslides, causing a rise in waterborne diseases, and endangering the millions who live near it. People have built this dam, supplied the money, time, and other resources for this to work. People have caused this conflict by not listening to the warnings others have given them. Life caused
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