What Causes College Students to Binge Drink?

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It is known in our country that one of the main things college students are good at is partying. Everyone knows that college students drink way too much than they need to, we hear about this in the media when they mention a case of alcohol poisoning on campus or in the dorms. We also see it in many Universities across the country; such as Chico State in California and UCSB, two of the biggest party schools in California, however the question is what causes these students to binge drink so much? As a college student this question has more than one answer to it; some of the factors that explain why college students binge drink is because they are either involved with greek life or they do it for social acceptance around others that binge drink, others might not binge drink because they are more responsible and aware of their actions and some don’t drink at all because of religious reasons. Certain college organizations such as fraternities and sororities can also influence binge-drinking. Drinking behaviors are often learned in the process of socialization. There are three types of influences, all which are fundamentals of these organizations, that include; cultural background, stage of socialization, and peer group influence. For example, we always hear stories on the news that mentions one fraternity at a certain Institute or University that lost its house or got shut down because a freshman pledge fell into an alcohol induced coma and died This example shows that situations like this occur on all campuses, not just campuses with a reputation of being a “party school.” This freshman pledge merely wanted to be accepted by his older brothers in a struggle to prove that he could drink as much as them. And it cost him his life. Students who binge drink are 80% more likely to miss class, experience hangovers, damage property, and receive injuries. Therefore, it is

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