Binge Drinking in college students

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Barrett Seaman of New York wrote an essay on college student’s binge drinking called “How Bingeing Became the New College Sport. This article was written for Time magazine on August 29th, 2005. Barrett is a renowned writer who has also written many other articles on binge drinking and other subjects concerning our youth. He has also written a few articles with another very well known author. Seaman at one time was Time magazine’s correspondent and editor. He was also a graduate and trustee of Hamilton College in New York. While writing this particular article, Seaman went to Harvard a top notch college, and also Hamilton his hometown college. There he observed the students and what they did. Binge drinking is the sort of drinking that a student does before he or she goes out for the night. It consists of students sitting in a dorm room, or off-campus apartment drinking as much hard liquor as possible. Many students have become very ill from this and some have even been hospitalized. It is a common practice among 18, 19, and 20 year old students who attend college. The reason students binge drink is because in 10988, all fifty states changed their drinking age to 21 because the government basically forced them to. Drinking has been part of the college life since the 14th century. At one time the drinking age was 18 because; this was the age that young people became adults. They were able to go fight for their country, vote, and have a local voice. Therefore, those around them believed that they were adults and could handle the drinking age being 18. However, in the 1980’s when mothers became concerned with drivers that drive drunk. Therefore, the legal age again was changed back to 21. Changing the legal drinking age back to 21was not a smart move according to Seaman. He feels that if students were able to drink at the age of 18 they would then become
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