What Are We Doing With Our Pennies

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“What Are We Doing With Our Pennies” by: Benjamin Lauren Pg 194 The importance of the penny has defiantly changed over the years. When I was younger I used to collect as many pennies as I could. I would be so happy when my parents would reward me for being good by giving me a handful of pennies. I can relate to what Benjamin Lauren is talking about in What Are We Doing With Our Pennies, because the value of the penny has been lost. I have many memories, from when I was younger, of saving up my pennies and being excited about them. It is not common in today’s society for that to happen. In the essay, Lauren describes memories from his past, when he used to put his pennies to use by walking down to the candy store. Just like Lauren, when I was younger, I used to save up my money for things that I want to buy, “ With this change I could get at least some rope licorice,”(Lauren 195). We used to have a bank that I would put the money that I collected into every week at school. It was great for me to save up my money and not spend it right away. It taught me the value of money and disciplined me by not letting me spend it on different things. I really liked looking at my bank account grow and grow every week when I brought in my next amount of pennies. Pennies seem to be scarce nowadays because they are not as important as they used to be. I enjoyed this essay because it really made a point of how something that used to be a big deal became a lot less important. It was a well written and interesting piece of

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