Examples Of Critical Thinking In Daily Life

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Critical Thinking in My Daily Life Critical thinking is an ordinary occurrence in my everyday life. Being that I am a full time student putting myself through college, finding ways to save money and budget properly are ways I get to use my critical thinking skills often. Budget planning can include simple tasks like planning my grocery trips by making lists of only necessities, and weighing the pros and cons of going out or staying in on the weekends. I’ve also been faced with larger decisions when budgeting in the last year. When reviewing my monthly expenses, I realized I could save a significant amount of money by cancelling my cable and joining Netflix and watching movies online. I also researched wireless providers, and decided to switch to a different company that could offer a much better deal. When planning our family vacation, I checked the rates at various hotels and realized we could stay somewhere very nice for a low rate, if we went during their off season. Critical thinking has allowed me to make smart choices regarding finances, while still being able to enjoy myself. College has given me ample opportunities to use critical thinking in…show more content…
I work in the service industry, and it is apparent that a ton of different personalities exist. Learning to recognize these distinct personalities, allows me to provide specific service for that individual. Critical thinking is a tool I use whenever I have a conflict with someone close to me. It allows me to think about the situation from my point of view, as well as theirs. When trying to understand why the argument formed, and what can be done to overcome and prevent it from reoccurring, minimizes the damage to the relationship. I am grateful that I am able to use critical thinking to enhance my personal life to have stronger relationships, be financially stable, and maximize my educational

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