What Are the Worst Aspects of Being an Animal on Animal Farm? Essay

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At the start, being an animal on animal farm was such an improvement from when farmer Jones ran the place. The animals were free and could live life so much better than before. But the napoleon took over and made the animals life’s horrible. He changed the rules and started acting like a human; he also paired up with the humans. A pig named snowball tries to change napoleons way to make all the animals life’s better, he tries to follow Old Majors commands. But Snowball is then chased out and banished by Napoleon. He tells the animals he was banished for their benefit but really Napoleon has just taken complete control and was abusing his power. Boxer, one of the horses, was injured by a cart of rocks falling on him. He could no longer work, napoleon tells the animals he is going to send him to hospital to get better but he is not. Boxer is sent away with the humans to be slaughtered. The same sort of thing happened to the hens. Napoleon tells them they have to give up their eggs to the humans but they don’t. Instead the sacrifice the eggs by smashing them. Napoleon then kills them. Napoleon made a rule no animal shall kill another animal but then changes the rule for his benefit. He takes control. Napoleon changes the farm to make weapons. And says the rebellion is over. The animals then run away and hide, they hide for years and let Napoleons own plans come crashing down on him. Years pass, animals age and some die and few recall the days before the rebellion. The pigs and man cannot be seen apart, it becomes impossible to tell them

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