Fear Animal Farm

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Essay Ch. 7-8 In the novel,” Animal Farm” by George Orwell, the character Napoleon gains power through cruel and unjustified violent attacks. These cruel and brutish tactics damaged the will of the animals forcing them to have an undying loyalty to an unjust dictator. The constant violent actions have repressed the spirit of the animals of animal farm. The true meaning of animalism has perished along with the animals that oppose Napoleon’s rule. Napoleon has completely taken over the animal farm. He has successfully installed fear into the hearts of all the animals. He and his fellow pigs have conquered the farm. Just as the pigs rewrite history, they manipulate statistics in their favor, claiming that every important aspect of life on the farm has improved statistically since the Rebellion: animals live longer, eat more, have more offspring, work fewer hours, and so forth. In this way, the pigs produce a false vision of reality. Napoleon killed many innocent animals during his reign of power. He would execute an animal for simple unjustified reasons in order to prove his superiority. He has murdered many over silly disputes. His tyranny has also claimed the lives of many motherly hens whose only crime was protecting their own baby chicks. This monstrosity has claimed many lives over a simple government, which is flawed, and far from being perfect. In order to maintain control in animal farm napoleon has created a new song in order to strengthen his power. He replaces the, “Beasts of England” for a song that praises the greatness of comrade Napoleon. They are forced to believe that napoleon is always right. No matter how illogical his decisions are, Napoleon must remain unquestioned. His rise to power has crumbled the old teachings of old major and has turned to amore fascist’s government. Fear makes the animals inclined to believe the pig’s propaganda,
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