Government Types Portrayed in the Movie Animal Farm

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Government Types Portrayed in Animal Farm There are many types of government systems in the world. In Animal Farm several types of governments are evident. The trials and tribulations of the animals and humans on the farm bring to light characteristics of a monarchy, a dictatorship, and communism. The movie depicts through the characters and their interactions how the abuse of power and control is evident within each of these forms of government. The general themes of oppression, suffering, and injustice have broad applications for those that watch the film. In the beginning of the movie, the oldest, wisest, pig on the farm, Old Major, is giving a speech to the animals encouraging them that they must overthrow the farmer, Mr. Jones, who rules the farm as a monarch. He s a cruel, alcoholic owner that is irresponsible to his animals (lets them starve), sometimes beats them, and yet sometimes is kind. In his speech, Old Major reveals his feelings about Mr. Jones implying that he is man that consumes but does not produce or give back to those that occupy the farm. A monarchy is political system in which supreme authority is given to an individual ruler who functions as the decision maker for all in the society. Old Major and Mr. Jones both die leaving the farm under the rule of the animals. Two pigs Napoleon and Snowball both want a leadership position. Napoleon gains complete control over the animals by brainwashing them into thinking Snowball was a bad pig. Napoleon’s dictatorship is further evidenced when he sets the dogs against Snowball to increase his political power. Eventually, Napoleon becomes a corrupted dictator and exploits the other animals through violence and tyranny. Evidence of a communism begins with Old Major’s vision that all animals could share in the wealth of the farm without a distinction of “classes”. After Old Major’s
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