What Are The Pros And Cons Of Rewarding Them For Breaking The Law

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Rewarding them for Breaking the Law? Immigration has been a controversial topic since the beginning of the United States. Whether it’s importing slaves from Africa, indentured servants, or simply illegal people; people are always coming to “The Land of Opportunity.” There are quite a few people that say that the Dream Act should be passed. Why should we reward them for breaking the law? Why didn’t they obey the law and simply applied for a Visa? There are millions of undocumented people who migrate to this country. Why should they gain citizenship when we already have millions of citizens in this country? The Dream Act is a bill that would give residency and future citizenship to US high school students. The requirements are simple they would have to have a high school diploma and enroll in to a two year college or join the military. That’s a pretty easy way for citizenship for criminals. Criminals are people who break the law. The moment a person steps into this country illegally they are criminals. Illegal people have several ways of getting to this…show more content…
They will see how easy people in the U.S. are gaining citizenship so they will try to smuggle into this country. Their train of thought will be if they got citizenship just by being patient and going to school I will become a citizen as well. Although, some people may argue that by passing the Dream Act it will boost our economy; this is false. False in the sense that they contributed to the Black Market. They did this by hiring smugglers (aka coyotes). Often these coyotes are bringing drugs. All these people (coyotes) think about is getting the money. They don’t care whether they leave someone behind, they don’t care if they run out of food, and they don’t care if people aren’t comfortable. So why are we going to contribute to the Black Market? If we pass the Dream Act it’s going to attract more undocumented
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