What Are The Pros And Cons For Obama Care

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American National Government Obamacare Tracy Harris The Obama care Reformation is one of the leading controversial subject matters In the United States. The signing of the medical bill by Barrack Obama has influences and has been the topic of much controversy among employers everywhere. The position of Health care among employers strategic position as if pertain to health care insurance and premium and has many organization rethinking and going back to the table to reevaluate their health insurance plans that effect their employees (Patterson, T. (2012, July 27). The greatest fear of the Obama care is that people may lose their rights to choose their own personal physician. In the health care systems the patients relies on the system for the proper treatment, care and medicine in the long…show more content…
The financing of the health care and long care for the low income society in the United States is an expense that has a joint venture with the federal government and the state the responsibility rest with both. However, the state has the majority of the financial responsibility and the administrative responsibility. The government has the responsibility of providing the funds and overseeing those funds to prevent fraud. There is a great deal of pressure on the budget of the low income health care reform. The reason to question the effectiveness of the fiscal integrity of the Obama care bill. (Heritage Foundation, 2011) There are pro’s and con’s with the Obama care reformation. The cons are that one of the greatest fears of the Obama care is that they will lose the right to choose their own doctor. Another con is the medical cost and billing issues for both the patient and the doctors. Both parties are questioning who will cover the cause of health care treatment. Employers will have to offer health care for every associate regardless if they are full time or part time at the expense of the company (Heritage Foundation,

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