What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow Up In

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Florence Foster Instructor David English 102 11 January 2011 I have chosen to write about Brent Staples “What Adolescents Miss When We Let Them Grow up in Cyberspace.” Staples argue that “so called online communities isolate adolescents and hinder their social development” (241). Which I believe to be true, but the world as we know it, is becoming very advanced to technology. So that would basically leave adolescents with two decisions, either they have to jump on board with technology, or be left behind. Which would you prefer? Social interactive technologies, such as instant messaging and texting messaging are beginning to redefine the social networks of today’s youth. Online communication, social interactive technologies allow for new online youth social networks to form and evolve. These online networks, in turn, may affect the online social and friendship networks in which youth are immersed. According to Staples, “Net can isolate younger socially connected people, allowing time online to replace face to face interactions with their families and friends” (242). From my own personal experience, I think adolescents, as they grow older, eventually start to find their own identity, relationships, and groups goes hand in hand with their ability to separate from their parents. They want to be independent and start doing their own thing. What better place to start doing it than the internet, considering that a lot of parents seem to be computer illiterate. The fascinating thing about the internet is that, it’s a place where adolescents feel like they can fulfill their needs of a pioneering, adventurous spirit. One of the many reasons why the internet is so enticing is because; they can meet new people, explore the world, and do exciting things on it. One attractive feature of the internet for teens is there is no limit to the
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