Kids Under the Age of 15 Shouldnt Have Facebook Pages

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Wrangler Smith Mrs. Nelson English 3B 19 December 2013 Kids under 15 shouldn’t have Facebook pages Facebook and children is a bad idea. Do you believe that kids down the stairs 15 should be allowed a Facebook account? That’s the actual eon decision should be up to the parents. The rule is arbitrary and silly. With supervision, you dismiss a control over who the friend, what the publicize, or, rules are rules. The internet oddly Facebook is a dangerous place and kids occupy restrictions. I don’t know against the kids under 15 having Facebook pages, and I don’t know if I agree with the former statement, and present the pastime reasons to support my point of view. Children should learn actual social skills and communication skills before using social media. Kids should be reading, learning math and science, writing stories or actually playing. If kids under 15 start using Facebook he/she become addicted to it and become zero into studies and prefers Facebook instead of studies. Integrity just pretend to be studious. Why do the kids have to grow up so quickly? Ten and cardinal year old children are on Facebook and don’t even issue why, they just think it is cool and then they are disclose of their parents hair for 2 or 3 hours. What a drift for a young mind to bait idle in front of a computer reading Facebook pages. It is unhealthy to sit in front of any screen for long periods of time. They do it enough with TV why add the allure of Facebook? Kids need to be playing out and interacting with another(prenominal)s kids face to face, not competing for the intimately friends on their Facebook page or leaving them open to bully or even worse. Secondly, if anyone remembers exploitation up kids have no filter between their brains and their mouth. Straightway with FB you’ve given them another way to attack each other outside of school and they do. Cyber bullying has

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