What a Good Poem Should Contain

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What a good poem should contain It is amazing how many poems and poets there are out there it is so hard to choose one particular poet that you really like, so one poem is not an option. Poets write about all different things, their lives, other people’s lives, or even flowers, some even write to paint a picture in your head, that’s what you would call imagery. It takes a lot to write a perfect poem so that might be over exaggerating a little but there are lots of things that could go into the making of a good poem! Everyone has their own opinions on what they think a good poem needs right? Well something that really brings my attention in a good poem is Rhyme. That keeps my attention well focused on the poem and keeps me interested. Another thing I think that a good poem should have is imagery, I like to have a picture in my head of what the poet is seeing or thinking. A poem that I like is "Young" by Anne Sexton she introduces a little bit of slant rhyme as well as imagery throughout the poem. Rhyme to me is a very important part in poems. If there is no rhyme the poem seems to be boring because of the way that they have written. Something that I would consider to be boring would be free verse poetry. If your poem sets a good meter and has a good beat it seems to flow a lot better than without it. The poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost gives you a good example of this. You can go along with the beat of the poem, and it seems to flow very well. Free verse poetry doesn't feel like poetry it reminds me more of writing a story in a journal, it could be interesting but that doesn't make me think of poetry. Rhyme and Meter sound really good and make the poem a poem! Imagery is also another big thing that I think a well written, and interesting poem needs. This helps the reader understand the poem because they can actually paint a picture inside their
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