Short Summary of “Love Is Not All” by Edna St. Vincent Millay

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Edna St. Vincent Millay (lived from 22nd Feb, 1892 to 19th Oct, 1950) was a famous American lyrical playwright as well as a poet. In the year 1923 she is also awarded with the Pulitzer Prize. She is the 3rd woman to win the poetry award. She was known for her multiple love affairs & feminist activism. For her prose work she used the pseudonym Nancy Boyd. The poet Richard Wilbur addressed her to write some best sonnets of that century. “Love Is Not All” starts with the description of things that love fails to do including its failure to heal. Millay said that many people die because of lack of love. She said that she would continue trading love in the autumn of life (moments of suffering) to keep the individual alive peacefully. The poet tries to explain that love is real & pure and life is nothing without love. She has compared a life without love with a fractured bone which is useless. She ends up saying that love is everything & life without love is nothing. Generally the love poem revolves around the feeling of love, the pain, the good & bad experiences in love & the ironies of being in love. But “Love Is Not All” talks only about love practically & do not want the person in love to behave blind & get into the selfish feelings. “Love Is Not All” is written gracefully & is very much focused on the title. The poet suggests falling into love because it is the most wonderful feeling in the world but also consider few facts to know the reality of that love before loving someone. “Love Is Not All” is a short 14 lines poem but is very effective poem dealing with the importance, momentary life & deepness of love. No person in this world can understand love and its depth. Only those can feel its existence who are in love with someone. All the readers fall inside this poem & towards the journey of love. “Love Is Not All” shows precisely how

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