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Anne Hathaway is the key to Carol Ann Duffy’s World’s Wife collection? To what extent do you agree with this statement? Refer to three/four poems “Anne Hathaway” is the key to Carol Ann Duffy’s World’s Wife collection to some extent; this is evidential through out the collection, especially with the wide use of sexual references. It is perhaps one of the most sexual poems within the collection, competing with “Little Red Cap”. Some poems are shown from a male perspective, and some aren’t. “Anne Hathaway” is not shown from the male perspective but it in fact shown from the perspective of how she felt as a person when she was with William Shakespeare, this differs this poem from the rest of the poems as most are either a mockery of the love shared between a couple, and the others are about how the husbands didn’t compromise well enough – leading to change and unrequited love. An example of a poem not being the key/highlight of the collection is “Mrs Darwin”. This poem can be interpreted in however way possible – with the most obvious interpretation being a poem about the mockery of Darwin by Mrs Darwin. It doesn’t sum up the love Anne Hathaway showed in the poem that is reflected in all other poems, but just the humour of the relation Darwin had with his wife. Where as, “Anne Hathaway” shows not only the love but also how she coped within losing her husband, which is a sum up of feelings on behalf of all the other “Worlds” wives. It can be said that perhaps “Anne Hathaway” isn’t the key to Carol Ann Duffy’s collection of “The Worlds Wives” after all, because some other poems show the negatives of love, and how being in a particular relationship has changed them for the worse. If “Anne Hathaway” was the key to Carol Ann Duffy’s collection, then there would be the wider use of mentioning the negatives of love too – it should include the main emotions

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