Comparison of 'Rubbish at Adultery' and 'Our Love Now'

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Comparison The message of rubbish at adultery is that having an affair isn’t always the best thing, because someone will always be complaining. The poet wants us to understand that everyone should be truthful to one another. The poet also wants us to know that some people just aren’t made to be adulterers because they can’t stand feeling the guilt of knowing that they are ripping apart their family. The message of half of our love now is saying that a relationship can be ruined just like that and can never be the same as it was, but the other half of the poem is saying that even though a relationship can be ruined just like that, it can be healed over time. The language used in rubbish at adultery is very formal. Although at the end of the poem, the poet puts ‘you’re just as crap at it’ and ‘you stupid, stupid git’. Throughout the poem the language is very formal, for example, words like: Diatribes, ought, and fidelity are used. Although an intellectual person would be able to understand these words, and this poem, without any trouble, others who aren’t so vocally diverse would struggle to interpret this poem in the same way. Whereas in our love now, the language used is very colloquial and also quite formal. Although the poet writes about common sorts of things, the language is complex. The poet uses words like prevails. As in the last poem, an intellectual person would have no troubles understanding the language or the situation, a less vocally diverse person would perhaps struggle a little bit. The structures of the poems differ quite a lot. While rubbish at adultery has a straight forward layout, that is just read down the page, our love now is a far more complex poem. It can be read from left to right, and then down the page after every two paragraphs, or it can be read down the page, down the left hand column first, and then down the page, down the

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