Whale Rider Questions

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Whale Rider 1. After watching the movie "Whale Rider" and observing Pai’s primal religion, it has opened my mind and depicted a sharper picture for how these types of religions function and survive. I could see how everyones and everything revolved around Paikea and how he was extremely sacred. Although they believe in myth and no real God, they still have a belief in a higher power which has revealed to me that they are similar to us in that very important aspect. Another thing that helped me understand their religion were their chants and songs; they're like our prayers. Lastly, the traditions of the people showed me how they too have customs. It showed me that the only way for the religion to survive and last for centuries was to uphold the traditions and rituals of their founders. 2. The theme that I saw throughout the whole movie was maintenance of harmony. Harmony within themselves would make sure they always stayed on top of their faith and followed up with their rituals. If one doesn’t stick to their religion, life itself can go array. Social harmony also takes a big part in this meaning everything in the community needs to stay in tact and go according to the traditions and the base of the religion in order to keep things going down the same harmonious stream. When Paikea tried to do all the things the boys were doing, bad things began to happen because it was against the religion for a girl to do it. Lastly cosmo harmony is included because I believe it goes along with society and as far as it comes to maintaining the traditions, it’s to keep their universe in order.
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