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Peer Pressure and Acceptance I watched a movie in English class this semester called “Almost Famous”. For this research paper I had to choose a theme from the movie and research it. I chose peer pressure and acceptance. The movie took place in San Diego in 1969. William was eleven years old and loved rock and roll music. He loved writing and wanted to be a journalist and hoped one day he could be a journalist for Rolling Stone magazine. His mother on the other hand didn’t like him listening to the rock and roll music. William did have a sister named Anita and when she moved out, because she was tired of her mother and the rules she had, she gave William all her records of the rock music she had. He was very excited. In 1973, when…show more content…
People think that just because you are famous; have money and all the nice things, that you are always happy. You have the pressure from everyone around you to act as they do and you forget who you are deep down inside. You want to be accepted and have them like you, not look at your weird because you are different. What do you do when you are put in a situation of fame and fortune? You make yourself fit in so the people like you and don’t leave you as an “outcast”. This is exactly how William is feeling during this movie. He wants to be like them and do the things that they are doing but then he has to think of the consequences and his mom, who calls him all the time to check up on him and make sure that he isn’t doing drugs and things like that. So after all this said I decided that choosing peer pressure and acceptance would be a great theme to this movie. What makes us need acceptance from everyone in life? What is acceptance? Acceptance is when you have to do things to get accepted by other people or even doing things to have self acceptance so that way you are happy with the person that you are. What is peer pressure? Peer pressure is peers who are part of the same social group that influence other peers to do the same things that they are doing. It could be drinking, stealing, cussing,
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