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Assessment Task 1 Alaa Tareq Ahmed Student ID: B0800684 HELP University College Department of Graduate Studies Prepared for Mr Ravi Varmman 27th September 2008 i. Executive Summery Human Empowerment Technologies is a privet company based in Bahrain that provides training to human resources through personal development courses; In August 2006 Human Empowerment Technologies established a functional alliance with Al badil; a Qatari company. The alliance was formed mainly because Human Empowerment Technologies wanted to expand its operations to include technical Human Resources training and to enter the Qatari market. The external influences were minimal, However favorable economic conditions and stable political…show more content…
Public relations: Dr Soroor Qarooni; the key personal in Human Empowerment Technologies is very established in the region. She is frequent on important events including CEOs and other professionals. In order to promote Human Empowerment Technologies services; the CEO of Human Empowerment Technologies can initiate a conversation about it in social gatherings where potential clients are present. This is essential because Qataris are known to appreciate a social interaction with a person before proceeding to business. Deals in Qatar are closed after a number of informal meetings which caters well to HET. Publicity: Human Empowerment Technologies main personal enjoys favourable publicity regarding her humanitarian engagement in the community. She has strong contacts in the press and is able to reach journalist easily. In order to promote the services offered by Human Empowerment Technologies.it has the option of requesting articles to be written about the launch of the new product. Personal selling: Personal selling is the most suitable to promote the service to businesses. As business to business selling is best done in person. Direct
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